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How to choose the right size Bird Screen for your windows.



The Bird Screen should cover most of the glass area of your window. (Experience has shown that a few inches on either side, top, or bottom of exposed glass does not present a danger to birds.) It can be slightly smaller in width than the glass area or slightly wider. If using the suction-cup brackets on a window that opens by swinging outward, the Bird Screen should be narrower than the window frame.

24" Bird Screens can fit windows as narrow as 21".

For larger windows, multiple Bird Screens can be hung side-by-side (The maximum width of one Bird Screen is 3 feet).



All Models


All Bird Screens come with six feet of screening which you will cut to fit your window height.

NOTE: If your window is more than 48" high and birds are still striking the window, we recommend using Mid-screen Frames to ensure enough tension in the middle of the screen.



Recommended Bird Screen Size
Window Pane Size Standard Model
28"W X 40"L 24"
28"W X 45"L 24"
32"W X 52"L 30"
36"W X 45"L 36"
42"W X 45"L 36"
50"W X 48"L 2 - 24"